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International Shipping Disclaimer

Please be advised, that international shipments may be inspected or held by customs in YOUR country for any reason. This is a matter that is completely out of our control and there is NOTHING we can do for you. We cannot contact customs officials in YOUR country to request a package be released or request any information. Any international orders we accept are at the risk of the buyer in the event of any type of customs issues that may arise including but not limited to, duties imposed, confiscation, holds, non-delivery, and return. In the event a customs issue arises, please DO NOT ask us to fix it. No amount of complaining to us can change the fact that THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO. You personally will have to take it up with your country's customs' officials. In the even of any type of customs issue, we will NOT offer a refund of any type. As stated before, all international shipments are at the buyer's risk. Finally, depending on the circumstances of the order, we may be required to ship to your billing address. Depending on the size of the order, we may or may not contact you about this change. If these conditions are not acceptable to you, please DO NOT place an order. These conditions may sound harsh, but it is to protect us from being blamed for events beyond of our control and fraud.